Brilliant opening analysis with AlphaGo Teach


I want to warmly recommend this YouTube channel to anyone interested in opening analysis. Dave, a. k. a. gennan, is studying classical openings such as the Chinese and Kobayashi, with the assistance of AlphaGo Teach (and other bots). His channel deserves a lot more views and subscribers, IMO. If this sounds at all interesting to you, please give him a try :slight_smile:




I already mentionned that channel in a previous thread. I fully agree, two thumbs up for the quality of the analysis.

[edit] I actually mentionned it twice, here too!


I found it a little while back and was hoping some of the insights (the “retutations of common knowledged”) remained secret :smiley:


But surely you want a greater challenge to fully enjoy your games? :wink: