Broken onebox images

I’ve found that when I post a link to one of my games on its own line (creating a onebox), the image is often broken. Here’s an example screenshot: In two instances I’ve had the image load properly when I initially posted it, then later it failed to load.

Furthermore, the frame of the broken image overlaps with text and intersects the frame of the onebox.

I’m going to experiment on this thread to see if I can come up with repro steps.

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Just after posting the previous message, so far so good… the image seems to be loading:

I’ll check in again later to see if it’s broken.

Now the image is broken:

I’m viewing from a different computer this time.

OGS forums are run on discourse, which is a third party code, so I am not too sure someone here will be able to do something about this.

If you really want you may try sharing this on the official discourse forums, maybe they will take a look. (

The images in onebox links to games are also broken for me.

I notice that the Open Graph tag for the image is:

<meta property="og:image" content="">

The http redirects to https. Perhaps this is the cause of the problem?

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The onebox is now displaying like this for me: , with no image (not even a broken one). I’m back on the computer I originally made the post from.

I just noticed that the same link displays the image correctly in your other thread. Perhaps there is a bug when the forum software tries to save a local copy of the image with the same filename as an existing image?