Browser did not update itself to show it was my turn... so I lost on time

My most recent game I erroneously lost on time. The browser showed that it was my opponent’s move, and that his time was ticking down.

After several minutes, I got suspicious, and refreshed the page. It showed that my opponent had in fact made a move, and that my time had run out. (I had several minutes on my clock before this).

Imagine my disappointment, since in this game I was doing very well against a player 3 ranks higher than me!

I was on mobile Safari on an iPhone.

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Yes, @stone_defender - those are all other instances of this bug! And, like was mentioned in (at least) one of the threads, we really need to be notified that the page has disconnected to the server.

Like, the local browser’s game could be coded to send a “ping” every 5s or something - nothing too crazy - to check if it’s still connected, or to make sure it’s player time amounts (like, you have 5:30 on your clock) match the server’s player time amounts. Something like that. Then if it doesn’t get a response, it has a warning popup that tells you you’re disconnected and need to refresh the page.

Or, better yet, it syncs itself up in the background without you needing to manually refresh.

sending not needed
local page may have it’s own unseen 20 seconds timer, server sends signal to you every 9 seconds. If signal received, timer resets. If signal not received in those 20 seconds, unseen timer reaches 0 and then “try to refresh!” warning activates.

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