Bug: Firefox cannot connect to OGS when peerconnection is disabled

When using Firefox with media.peerconnection.enabled=false in about:config, it is not possible to connect to OGS.

The browser console reports javascript errors:
“ReferenceError: mozRTCSessionDescription is not defined”

The browser gets permanently stuck on the “Connecting to online-go.com” loading screen. This bug was introduced to the public site sometime within the past day or so (around March 22 or March 23, 2015).

The bug is probably related to another forum post:
What is webrtc?

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It looks like this is being thrown from one of the libraries we use, making it a bit more of an annoyance to fix…

Anyone else having this problem?

@undo is there a particular reason you’ve disabled webrtc?

Ahhhhh… thank you. I had a long message ready to post, and just realised I had the same problem. Mine was also set on false, but I have no idea why. I can’t recall ever touching it.

FWIW if you use uBlock Origin, you can follow the instructions here to stop WebRTC leaking IP addresses, while leaving it on.

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Here’s an example to understand IP leak with a VPN and how to protect

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Appreciate it exceedingly for the links shared in order to understand the situation.

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