What is webrtc?

I’m using safari on my computer, phone and iPad and a message saying my browser is not compatible with webrtc. It just started about an hour ago.

This is the system we use to bring you voice during lectures and reviews, it’s not strictly required to operate the site, is it causing you problems because it’s not compatible?

The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox will work fine… the latest version of Safari will prompt you to install a plugin the “Temasys webrtc” plugin. Which should allow these features to work.

Thanks for the Lightning response. :slight_smile: The error banner is blocking the menu on top of my phone and ipad. I’ll install the plug in.

Err excuse the stupid question but would you know how to install the plug in on an iPhone?

I’m not sure to be honest… is there no way to dismiss the banner?

It doesn’t let me. I could close the banner on my computer but not on my phone.

Try it now and see if it works better for you


Cool the banner has been banished :slight_smile: