BUG: no countdown for "Simple" time control

I played a game recently where I timed out because I didn’t know there wouldn’t be a countdown for the last 10 seconds, so I wasn’t paying attention to the time… the game used “Simple” time control. Can any dev fix the behavior please?

Bump. Changed from “SUGGESTION” to “BUG” since I strongly believe the way it’s now can’t be the expected behavior… if you look into my opponent’s previous games, you will even notice he was winning a LOT of his games by time out. Coincidence? Or is it just that many players are timing out without even noticing due to the current behavior of this time control?

If no time controls had the countdown in OGS it would be fine, but we just “know” there will be a countdown when it reaches the last 10 seconds, so when it doesn’t we just lose without noticing.

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