Building a Go Board

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

What shall we say except “well done”? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The grid looks like a sticker. Is that glued?
How did you make it?

Is that a bamboo cutting board?


I am also curious about those legs. Did you buy those or make them from scratch? They are much more interesting and a better choice than the little rubber ones I have.

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Indeed the grid is a stick but I think I caught it with varnish. Yes, it’s a cutting board. And the legs are wooden _curtain _rods.


Well that is most certainly very clever! The project as a whole looks amazing!


Now you must find a suitable board for 19x19! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think IKEA should have something but maybe too big, so it should be cut to size.




From reddit


Ryu Shikun 9p build his own goban, but only afterward found out it is 21x21 instead of 19x19


That is hilarious! Well now we know that professionally playing and professionally building the game are two very different things.

On a more serious note, that is awesome to see and the project clearly turned out quite beautifully.

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Still waiting for the first 21x21 pro international tournament.


The jig worked poorly, I didn’t manage to align properly the two sides, so I gave up that method and tried something different.

I bought some cabinet magnets (those who keep doors closed) and dug some squared holes in my boards with drill and chisel.
That went decently.

So now I’m filling the many holes and cracks and sanding it all.
It’s a slow process: sand, fill, let it cure, sand again, fill what’s left, sand again… it’s taking a couple weeks since I can’t do that every day.

I hope I’ll post some pictures soon


I don’t like that choice: you need a 13x13 board to play a 9x9 game and a whole board to play a 13x13 game.
In my goban I chose to place the cuts exactly in the middle between two grid lines.
This way I think I’ll be able to play on the 9x9 piece even though with no extra room for stones.

I just realised that I haven’t said yet that my 4 pieces board will have 4 different pieces: a 9x9, a 10x10 and two 9x10 with different sizes due to the not perfectly square grid.
As I was saying, cuts will be equally distant from grid lines since I noticed that “suboptimal” cuts :smile: may interfere with stones placement when they’re too close to the grid.
In the cheap foldable board that I bought online, hinges aren’t perfectly aligned and putting stones on the center line is a pain.
So I decided to put the cuts as far as possible from lines.

On a well built machine-cut board this probably isn’t an issue. But I’m pretty sure my board won’t stay perfectly flat! :smile:

Well… is that a missing line???

Yep, that is!
On a brown board with black lines it’s barely visible. But on a dark board…


Eventually I did it!

Cuts are between lines so they shouldn’t disturb the game even if they aren’t perfectly aligned.
Therefore the four pieces have all different dimensions.
The smaller one is a 9x9.

Playing against myself: white wins by komi. :smile:

The jig didn’t work at all.
I didn’t make a test on some scrap wood, so I also had to fill my poorly drilled holes. Blame on me: I was in a hurry and did poor choices.

I got some cabinet magnets and it went fine.
I glued them with epoxy.

I also made a few marks so to pair pieces on first try.

Less than a year. Not that bad! :rofl:

I bought some cheap melamine stones to use with this goban.
They weigh 1kg, they cost 20€ and they are nice to touch and feel. Not bad for that price.



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Wow! Absolutely stunning work; I envy your success.

One of these days I will actually get started on some stones made from scratch and start posting here again.


I saw many homemade and yours stand at a very good level of quality… and fonctionality. I guess it is very convenient to keep it with you when going around, and that can give happyness to many people. Bravo!