Buying Color Go Stones - Suggestions?

We are looking for 2 sets of 180 go stones. Material doesn’t matter.

Here are the ones I found so far…

Kurokigoishiten sells 4-colored go stones for over $250. Link

I also found green melamine go stones on Aliexpress. ($30) Link

There’s also these green glass stones for about $100. Link

There are also these (180 of green, red, blue, or yellow) each of which cost over $100 with shipping. Link

Are there any other options, particularly something affordable?


Well not really “affordable”, but has some really beautiful stones on sale ^^

Tho im not 100% sure whether they are still in business, their web page looks quite old ://


If you didn’t specifically want “go stones” you could probably get a bunch of glass stones

Obviously you’d have to go looking, but there’s things like that on Etsy, check the sellers, check reviews etc.

Check rough sizes etc - I imagine they’d be less uniform

Algorithmic Artisan sells beautiful stones, on eBay he sells them as shadow436 (his KGS username is Erythen). But as said, a set of stones will set you back at least 500-600 USD.

The glass pebbles / stones advertised on Etsy, mainly for Pente, are a bit smaller and probably irregular in size. I guess that if someone is allready accustomed to the ‘feel’ of playing with double convex stones that would be strange, at least at first.

I have seen colored stones on sale here:

6 Brothers Baduk Colored Stones

A set of 2x180 costs about 110 USD. How to get hold of them is a question I cannot answer but it would be very strange if there’s not a single player on this site who could not help explore the possibilities.

Aftre having taken another look at the German website I noticed this set:

Reise set

And on the website from 6 Brothers Baduk I found the same Travel set:

So it seems Hebsacker Verlags imports some of 6 Brothers’ items. My guess is that the colored go stones are one of them. The difference in price is for a large part caused by shipping costs and import fees / taxes. And an added profit margin of course.

That’s just the downside of living in “the west” as a lover of the game and it’s wannahave parts :wink:

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I also sell very beautiful exotic stones (unfortunately not for cheap, but much less expensive than the other guy)