Can an AI review or game start from an initial board setup?

Is there a way to setup a 9x9 board with an initial pattern of stones, then start a game (or an AI review?) against a very strong AI opponent using that initial pattern? I’d like to use this as a tool to explore certain kinds of moves, since I lack the ability to read ahead accurately for many moves to evaluate certain kinds of moves.

(An example would be a tsumego situation at the end of a game. Another example would be choosing the order of playing several small but different end game choices, some in sente and some in gote.)

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Yes, you can create a demo board and place the stones or upload an already existing .sgf to your library

library .

For a game in the library you should be able to either start a full review by pressing the big blue button, or simply place a stone you want to check and the interactive AI analysis should kick in and display an optimal answer.

From both the library game and/or a demo board you can select “fork game” from the right hand side slide out menu. That allows you to challenge any player (inluding a bot) to a game from the current position. Bots may reject the game depending on their settings, so either check them ahead whether they support the desired board size, or try a few…

Demo boards do not get reviewed by our AI, the only workaround would be to download the demo board as an .sgf and upload it to your library.

Let me know if you need more details or screenshots for any of those steps.


To tell you the truth, I don’t understand your instructions on how to do this. I would love to setup 9x9 positions and then play against AI if it is easy,

One way I found to approximate this is by making a donation to OGS. Now I can analyze a game after playing and try different moves, and some builtin AI tells me how to kill or avoid being killed, which is very helpful, like having a teacher so I can ask questions.


there is “fork” button

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Yes, that seems to do just what I wanted, thanks. All I have to do is know the name of a good bot, like “minusGo”. Someday I should read the Help file, wherever it is, and discover all the great OGS features.

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