Can I play custom games with AI?


I’d like to be able to play out the same variation over and over with the AI, so is there a way I can just place the stone for both sides and then start with AI from there?

Thank you


I found a way to do it by discovering that you can setup the game in analyze mode however you want, then you can fork that variation and type in the name of an AI.

Is there any way to just start the current board from a different variation?


You can fork from any screen and any position. Just do be aware that the forked game will never be ranked.


Or set up a demo board, or upload an .sgf

Not completely sure what you mean by that, you can re-fork the current board from any variation you are at.

Or just download Lizzie if you have any reasonably modern PC, she’s free :slight_smile:

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Thank you,

I am just wondering whether I can fork the current game instead of needing to start a new game on a forked board.

I’m not familiar but I will look into Lizzie right now. Thank you!


Forking always starts a new game. Games against Bots aren’t handled any different then games against humans.

You can resign from the bot games you don’t want to play anymore (at least if they are unranked). (To write this maybe gets me in the bad books of @metaphysician_splurg’s bots rights movement)


You can fork any finished game - that by turn creates a new one.
If you would just like the bot to switch to another variation in an ongoing game, that is not possible (it would also make cheating easier).

Offline bot would be better at that. Lizzie is just a graphical interface to easily use Leela Zero which is one of the strongest bots (AFAIK) freely avilable. Way above human strength.

This is her, if you are not familiar or curious about tweaking all the minor technical issues, you should be able to just download it and run it if I recall correctly.


You are correct AdamR. Lizzie comes in GPU and CPU versions of Leela Zero already packaged in. Simply download and execute.

There is also Leela, if you do not have a reasonably modern PC. If you do not have a graphics card that supports OpenCL 1.1 or higher (these cards were introduced to the market near the end of 2012), then you won’t be able to run the GPU version of either Lizzie or Leela.

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