Can one tell me basics of this 9x9 game, particularly where I lost and could have won?

Go Kibitz version:

I always seem to get enclosed by territory and lose by a greater margin than I predict. I wonder what went wrong in this match and how I could have won. No complex variations please, concepts and strategy would be more helpful, or really critical specific moves.

I am 25k for reference.


@mark5000 wrote a great guide on general 9x9 concepts and strategy:


I posted two variations.

You play solidly. Maybe too solidly but that’s ok. Try to think about the value of your moves, C9, F4 and F7 were not worth it.

Your opponent on the contrary plays too loose. You took advantage of it in the beginning, you could also have broken the lower side (see my variations).


i started a reveiw, and i did a load of good and bad variations because i was having fun. But i included some comments and ideas and such for ya. Hope you find them helpful.


Thank you everyone! I have read them and will read them again! You all are the best! Any tips for a beginner in general given the game? I am 25k after all.


best tips anyone can give you…

Play the game!

Playing the game will help you learn from others. So play as many games as you can.

Dont be afraid of the bigger boards!

Many people stard on the smaller boards, which is fantastic because it serves as a great learning toll, as well as offering games that dont last so long or whatever else. But, many people become intimidated by the larger boards and stop themselvs from advancing their skills in the game.

The larger boards offer dfferent stuational issues as well as “Global” or “Board wide” problems. So jump in to them, dont be afraid, and ask for help on the larger boards if you need it!

Go problems.

Go problems are a great way to learn some great moves, and indeed it helps to improve your dreading and counting as well.

Use all the resourses available to you.

OGS has a go resourses thread. Go find it, and use the things that work for you, but give everything a go. and experiment.

Lastly. And i know this sounds corny, and terrible. But its damned true… Have fun. the moment you stop having fun, is the moment the game dies for you, so dont be harsh on yourself if you lose a game of ten, and carry on playing, not just to win, but for the simple pleasure of the game.


Here’s a nice web-based tutorial that was created by @AdamR, @Kosh and others: