Cancel Redo

I think that you should implement a cancel redo button. a) it is kind of embarrassing when you accidentally press redo lost of time and then either play the same move (troll, even though you didn’t mean it), or apologize in chat. I know that you should think before you press, but a) sometimes in Blitz games, you don’t have enough time, and b) you might get new information (e.g. play out a (winning) variation)


Do you mean the undo button?

I have hit the button once before on accident though, not really paying attention to the fact that I was hitting it. I think that it could just have a confirmation button like the resign button, or the pass button(at least with submit move button turned on). The only problem, is blitz again, but it shouldn’t be a big deal, especially because it isn’t even your turn when you ask for it, and they still have the same chance of seeing it(this is my opinion as someone who has played about 10s/move in tournaments, but doesn’t usually play blitz or go faster then that)

This has been asked few times, the consensus has mostly been “undos are rarely used, need to cancel undos even less rare, and there isnt any harm of playing the same move twice”