Can't drop out from ladder 19x19

I click the [Drop out from ladder] button. It challenges with “Are you sure you want to withdraw from the ladder? If you decide to rejoin the ladder in the future you will have to start from the bottom!” I click [yes] (I’ve also tried clicking [no] ) and days later I’m still in the ladder. I’ve resigned all of my games before trying to drop out. Am I being a dropout or is this a bug?

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Well that’s a new one I have not yet heard before :smiley: Though an effective way to keep people hooked in, I swear it’s not intentianal.

I will notify our developers as only they can help, and we will get back to you :slight_smile: and sorry for the inconvenience.

Alternatively, have you tried doing it in another browser? :smiley: seems silly but sometimes it might help as different browsers can interpret scripts differently in some cases.


EDIT: :flushed:

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Do I have to tell you about the edit button, too? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Weird, not sure what was going on. You’re removed now though!


It happened to me too.
it was the 19 also, site ladder. All other laders dis not had this problem.
Checked the forum, seen this thread, but did not replied, I just tried different things. Like different browsers, Anyway, always the same thing, just no reaction for a very long time, like few minutes and then an empty message window with an red x in it. If I refreshed the window before the message appeared, there was a different box with some error message.

I played like this for about a month. Today there was a surprise. Instead of the red x message it was… You are not in this ladder. Funny, If I was not in the ladder how I could press the drop out button? :slight_smile: Checked, and I was out.

I wrote this reply just for the record, or to be of help for those who may drop on this bug, or for debugging, maybe some details will help.


I also cannot seem to drop out from the sitewide 19x19 ladder, which is the only ladder that I am involved in.

I’ve visited the site and tried dropping out on two separate platforms (Firefox on Linux desktop and Chrome on Android smartphone). In both cases, the dialog box pops up asking me to confirm dropping out, but clicking on yes does not seem to have any affect. I am still listed in the ladder, and it still appears on my profile and homepage. I’ve also tried clicking on the no button as well, but that also does not seem to have an affect.


The only ladder I cannot drop from is the site wide 19x19.
Very strange :thinking:

Edit: after writing this I wasn’t any more on the ladder :crazy_face:


I’m still stuck on the 19x19 sitewide ladder. Trying to drop out still seems to do nothing.

Do other people still see me on the list? I also have not gotten any challenges since trying to drop out. I wonder if people can still send me challenges.

I’m not in a position to try sending you a challenge but I can confirm that you still appear on the ladder at #141 to me. If you really want to be removed from the ladder, you could ask someone you know below to challenge you and then timeout of the game.

Interesting, I did not thought of this. I just tried on different browser day after day, trying to do something different, and illogical, maybe counters the bug. I am really amazed of how many Illogical solutions I found. For example in Safari I need to press stop in the contextual menu, before closing the browser in a certain game, otherwise it freezes and I need to kill it from task manager. But the stop from regular menu does not work. Anyway, one day I just managed to get out of the ladder, but did not caught the reason of why I succeeded. And to be kicked out by timing out do you need to be provoked? Or you can, by provoking somebody and timing out? But you suggested to be provoked only to avoid being rude to some random player who does not expect this?

what make you think you can quit the family at will?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Any ladder game, whether as challenger or challenged, if timed-out will result in expulsion from the ladder. I find timing-out of correspondence games to be distasteful so; if I was using this method to exit the ladder, it would definitely be ‘by arrangement’ with my opponent.

Hello @yebellz and sorry about the delay, I was quite inactive for a past few days. I will notify the devs to set you free from the ladder :slight_smile: Our appologies.

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No worries about the delay. I really don’t mind being “stuck” on the ladder. The worst case is that I cancel a few games in the meantime.

My main motivation in making a forum post was to help notify about an ongoing bug, which from looking at just this thread seems to have affected at least three other people. Since mine is an active case, perhaps it would be helpful to the devs in their investigation of the root cause.

I guess maybe the forum isn’t really the best place to make such bug reports. Perhaps, we should open an issue on GitHub?

I’ve opened an issue on GitHub:


Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

I just checked again, and I saw that I was no longer in the ladder.

I wonder if a dev/admin manually removed me, or if the bug resolved itself on its own somehow.

Just out of curiosity, I joined the ladder again, and found that I was able to drop out without issue this time.

Yeah, Anoek pulled you out manually, I don’t think he changed some code afterwards ¯\(ツ)/¯, so for now it probably remains a mystery why you could not drop out before.

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Ladders are full of mysteries. Perhaps we should rename them “dungeons”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really burn for curiosity about WHY there is often need to tweak manually something in order to keep the ladders “clean”.
Any thoughts?

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