Can't drop out from ladder 19x19


I click the [Drop out from ladder] button. It challenges with “Are you sure you want to withdraw from the ladder? If you decide to rejoin the ladder in the future you will have to start from the bottom!” I click [yes] (I’ve also tried clicking [no] ) and days later I’m still in the ladder. I’ve resigned all of my games before trying to drop out. Am I being a dropout or is this a bug?


Well that’s a new one I have not yet heard before :smiley: Though an effective way to keep people hooked in, I swear it’s not intentianal.

I will notify our developers as only they can help, and we will get back to you :slight_smile: and sorry for the inconvenience.

Alternatively, have you tried doing it in another browser? :smiley: seems silly but sometimes it might help as different browsers can interpret scripts differently in some cases.


EDIT: :flushed:


Do I have to tell you about the edit button, too? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Weird, not sure what was going on. You’re removed now though!