Can't drop out from ladder 19x19

This was obvious, but you said about an arrangement with somebody below. Why not an arrangement with somebody above? In this way the result will not end in anything distasteful like for example climbing on ladder without real play. Some may be glad to do so, some may be insulted. And more, arranging with somebody above will be not upsetting for anybody else, since there is no promotion, but arranging with somebody below, may be noticed by others who gets demoted by this artificial promoting.

So my initial question was purely technical. But these other implications were in my mind too. Sorry for not expressing them directly. If it was not possible to drop by provoking above and timing out, obviously these implication would have been as part of the deal, being the only option to get out.

So again, why not an arrangement above?

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My two cents in this matter is complexity of software and hardware who was developed in different locations of time and space. Nothing is build from scratch, but from modules, so what is working on your computer on your software, may not work in my computer with my software. Or even what worked yesterday, today will not work, because changing a setting, or something else not obviously connected, but actually, subtle directly connected.

Or in other words, software evolved in time like living organisms, and through evolution have a lot of leftovers dragged around, and sometimes these leftovers cause problems. Like the apendix in humans. Nobody knows why is there, but we all work fine with it there, unless gets infected and bursts. Then the surgeon remove it. Anoek is the surgeon in this case :slight_smile: he fixed the problem manually.

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This reminds me of Dwyring discussing what’s Aji:

Aji is leftover crap

So could we say that ladders have lots of Aji? :smiley:


You are correct. My suggestion should have been for an arrangement with someone above.

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Hi, I would like to drop out of the 19 x 19 ladder as well, but it won’t release me either. I hope the problem gets solved. If I could be freed manually I would appreciate it, but no rush. :blush:

Edit: I have actually changed my mind. I am progressing into a high part of the ladder now and don’t mind staying. Please ignore my request to be taken off the ladder.

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Hi, I’m also unable to drop from 19x19 ladder.


So, asa it happens, somehow just happened to me :slight_smile:
As I said, I dropped out of almost all ladders. I had tha issue of being hooked in site19 ladder, did not reported, but just tried till somehow I was out. I had some discussion with somebody about ladders, joined some, played some games and proved that my supposition were right. Anyway, I got back on site19 in the process, And now I am hooked again. Meantime I reported it post mortem first hook, just to be registered.

Now while we werre discussing this, tested again the drop out button and is the same thing, just a pointless message after a long pause, and no drop out. I was provoked, won , and tried to get out, still no success. Few days ago I was provoked, postponed the reply, and caught by things I timed out… and surprise, contrary to your statement I am still on the ladder :slight_smile: And I was rude too, did not explained to the guy that I am in no mood to play anymore. And even more, he did not got promoted. Here is the game.

And now I am provoked again. I will let this time out, on purpose this time, let see what happens.

And maybe is worth to notice that at fist hook I was regular. Since last month I am a site supporter, the bug is still here, so I may conclude that is not related with the player status.

I do not ask to be unhooked manually. I will just continue to play along the bug an try things maybe I solve the mystery by mistake.

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I also can’t drop out of the 19x19 ladder but I’d like to

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Me too (not that I don’t want. to)

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I also cannot drop out of the site 19 ladder. I tried to drop out a few days ago and my home page doesn’t list me as being in any ladders but today I got a challenge and was showing as being on the ladder (on home page). I cancelled the challenge and tried to drop out again but the same thing seems to happen. No sign of being in the ladder on my home page but if I navigate to the ladder page I’m in the 19x19 ladder… If I can be ejected without having to time out that would be great!

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The same problem happened to me,too. I wanted to drop out from the ladder, and I can’t drop out of the ladder.

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Do I need to resign from all the ladder games first to drop out from the ladder?

I’m not an expert but in have a feeling that I just tried dropping out once or twice a day for a week or so and it just worked after a few days.

It’s a known bug, you may try again or wait that the developers find and kill it.

Normally it isn’t necessary. You can drop out and continue playing your games. Though useless for the ladder, they are still ranked games.

Actually you could drop out, keep playing, subscribe again to the ladder and those games would still be valid for the ladder itself.

So, no, you don’t need it… when everything works fine.

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All my ladder games has ended and I tried again dropping out of the ladder. I still can’t drop out of the ladder.

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There’s no way out!!! :skull:

I reported a player not being kicked off the ladder after timeout 21 days ago.
My report is still there even though Anoek himself took it in charge.
If the Man can’t solve this, nobody can! :scream:


where do you submit report?

From the gane page. “Call moderator” is in the side menu (pc) or bottom (phone)