Can't load any page displaying games in list form [solved]

I’m getting the same thing. It’s very unsettling.

Windows 7, Opera and IE; also Android, Google Chrome

In case it matters, the link points to this as being the full text of the error:

Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: [missing argument].[missing argument]


I’ve got it too.

Edit: Safari on OS X El Capitan.

Another report on Windows 10 using Chrome.

Me too on Android Chrome…

Yeah, same deal with Windows 8 and Chrome.

@trohde @mlopezviedma anyone have a reliable way of poking @anoek outside of the forums?

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same here. using chrome on a mac. I was able to get to the games tough… the home page is the one not working…

Nice catch. If you go directly to one of your games you’ll be able to cycle through them with the circle in the top right; so we can make moves at least.

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Chat also works:

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Is there an official answer for this yet?

Same issue on linux (Manjaro) using both Chromium and Firefox. Everything works until I hit the home page (you can log in from a non-home page and access your games as it brings you to the page you were at after logging in as pointed earlier, just don’t click on that home button).

today, i can’t login the OGS home page , if i logout the OGS, it is working ,if i login the homepage can’t login but the other page is working like the " " and so on. i try to clear the cookies but it can’t use.

Suddenly (starting today) I’m getting an error message on the home page when I log in. “Invariant Violation: Minified React error #130; visit”… and so on - what’s up with this – how do I fix it?

Same issue here. It’s hard to find active games unless we go over all the tournaments and ladders we’re in. To avoid timeout, I started vacations in settings. Fortunately, vacation setting still works.

After a little investigation,

System: Windows 10 Google Chrome (latest)

Pages that don’t display:
Games (watch)
Profile (both links)

What does work:
everything else tested

getting to individual games using the black number marker in the top right corner
see all your games through the api (tested using Nathan’s OGS android app from f-droid)
other non-game related internal sites

Alrighty, I’m not 100% sure I know what’s going on here, but I have a possible fix in place.

Can anyone affected confirm or deny that the issue has been resolved?

Still broken for me.

edit: am running firefox on a linux mint PC