Can't log in: "local storage disabled"

after migrating to a new computer, i can no longer log in to ogs. the problem is similar to the one described in this thread, where it’s not clear whether it was ever solved: Local storage disabled

so i also get a prompt that “it seems that local storage is disabled in your browser. unfortunately you won’t be able to log in without enabling it first.”

i’m using firefox version 107.0.1., on mac osx 10.15. i’ve tried a number of the suggested solutions. the problem persists in troubleshooting mode, when i switch off all add-ons, delete and then allow all ogs cookies, deleting the website from the history, allow to save access data and passwords, restart the computer, reinstall firefox, delete prefs.js in the library. i hesitate to refresh firefox or tinker with setting up multiple profiles, afraid to break stuff (while unable to log in for games, i was still logged in fine to the forum, but deleting ogs from the history killed that). any ideas what i could do?

Hi, dol. Can you try this?

Go to about:config. Type in in the search bar and click on the toggle to set the value to true.

oh that’s a nice idea – thank you!
unfortunately, it is already set to true…