Can't submit moves!

hi, really frustrating and hopefully very basic issue but I cant seem to play games. can get in but i click submit move and it hangs on “submitting” until I time out. I also can’t seems to enter anything in chat. tried on a couple of browsers and same issue.

thanks in advance


Any chance of a screenshot with the browser console open?

Hello I got the same problem

Browser used is Chrome
Version 123.0.6312.107 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Huh - thanks for the good screenshot.

Weird though - there is nothing wrong on your side according to the console, it just thinks that your opponent disconnected briefly.

@anoek A person with “Submitting…” stuck, but no console errors!?

Hmm yeah looks like we’re not handing some situation involving getting disconnected/reconnected and submitting a move correctly. Note the indicator seems to think he’s offline too, even though the console logs imply he’s in fact online (and the other indicator is green).

Yeah - a weird thing is that the disconnect message is the other person.