"Challenge Links" prototype for testing at Beta - more testing, please :)

Surely you mean discord/whatsapp/facebook?

I don’t know anyone that emails their friends anymore.


Thanks for doing this @GreenAsJade . It will really help introduce new players to the game.

One thing I would say is I don’t see rengo support as important (I expect the proportion of vocal rengo fans among forum regulars is higher than the general population, and I know it’s your baby). If adding that makes it more difficult/buggy then I say drop it. What is most important is reliability and intuitiveness to send a game link to some new player without an account and make it super easy for them to play 100% of the time. Bells and whistles can be sacrificed to achieve that.

It works really nicely without an account. It shows you a brief summary of what you’re accepting, and an option to accept or to sign in alternatively.

When you accept you get a guest account and jump straight into the game as far as I can see.

On that note @GreenAsJade

Another error the first time clicking accept, the second time it worked

I accepted with a logged out tab, and didn’t opt to sign in and this error popped up.

I believe these were the challenge settings

The game test game

Another bug:

When I click settings (or profile) with the new guest account I get the red bug page with


and if you try this with the guest accounts you lose the nav bar at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

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I managed to get to experimental mode.

I think this is the same game appearing twice

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I see that also. It goes away when you swap teams, but comes back on refresh :slight_smile:

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Oh dear, now I’ve made it three

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4! +1 for every guest account?
Edit: no, I tried with another one and they are still 4

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Looks like 5 to me

Yes, I tried with another one. I see 6 honored guest accounts and 5 of them:

I was wondering about one thing for correspondence games. How can a guest after being logged out log back into that account?

I think if you can get to the settings page, you’ll be able to set a password, and it will likely function like a normal account. Probably be able to rename it etc.

I think just refresh the page? - edit: oh no that doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know then

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I predict that many people will forget to do this. And actually so it seems more like an alternative way to register than playing as a guest.

Edit: This is not a complaint, just something that occurred to me. Maybe not having to set a password at the beginning is a good thing.

I don’t know the exact functionality of it, (edited:maybe you’re not supposed to be able to edit the password?), but I suppose if you can change name/password etc then it makes it very easy to decide to continue using the account.

If you don’t want to it can just be abandoned, and then I suppose it is like a once-off guest account in a way.

I think the focus was on

in the design, so that if you want to make a new account or edit the account you can do it later. But the accepting process and jumping straight into the game was streamlined anyway.

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Actually that doesn’t happen with every honoured guest. I’m not sure what I messed up the first time around :slight_smile:

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Hopefully in the next update the prompts to let people know they can change username and password will be working more reliably.

It’s supposed to be the case that when a new person (guest) arrives at the Game page after accepting, there is a popup telling them they can set their password. When they click on the “button” that opens that menu, there is another prompt telling them which option to click (it’s “Settings”) to change their password. They hopefully arrive at the Account page of Settings. On that page there is a prompt saying that they can also change their username … etc.

The “Type Errors” reported above are generally issues with initializing these prompts.

It was a bit of a hassle getting rengo working with this system as well as normal games, but it seemed worth it to me :slight_smile:

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That is the thinking: if you get URL to play go, you don’t want to have to set passwords or think of usernames.

Hopefully if you want keep playing go, you will be motivated to “update” your account in that way.

If that happens, before they change their password, they’d need to ask for a password reset. I’m not sure why anyone would actually log out of a guest account, though they might. It could be worth prompting them if they go to do this actually - I’ll put that on “the list”.

Unfortunately “guests changing their password” doesn’t work at the moment, drat.

(This is at the top of my list now)


Status: I seem to have totally broken Beta, I’m looking into it :sob:


Also in terms of name “Challenge Links”, I know there was that previous thread about renaming game challenges to game invitations, which I think is pretty silly from a politically correctness or it seems mean perspective, but names are important for UX design and making this feature intuitive. And for this feature “challenge” does feel wrong, something like “Invitation Link” feels better to me. Imagine you are some person who’s never played Go before and your friend says “how about a game, I’ll send you a link” and you then click it. What wording makes you most comfortable and likely to continue without confusion? What does lichess call them?


I really like this line of thinking.

One hassle I’ve bumped into is that the term Invitation is already used for other things in OGS … something about Tournaments and/or Groups.

Naming: one of the hardest things there is.

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I got in by entering this URL while on the beta site:

javascript:data.set("experiments.v6", "enabled");

Note that you might have to type the javascript: part yourself.

I’ve only tried a few normal games and rengo games, clicking links when not logged in or when logged in as the creator (which gives a disappointingly boring result).



  • Guests still can’t change their password, that’s next
  • Beta seems to be kind of working again - at least no immediate error message for me
  • “Invites on the Home Page” should be working in the normal old home page, as well as the new experimental one
  • I’ve turned off all the “dynamic help” for now (the useful little prompts for guests about what to do), which was causing the errors.

So testing of the actual feature should be able to continue anew, helpful prompts can come later.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the issue described above, about multiple copies of an invite only challenge on the home page. If someone could summarise “how to reproduce” I can take a look at that tomorrow.