"Challenge Links" prototype for testing at Beta - more testing, please :)

Accept Game


Out of curiosity, is that a particular way you were aiming to break it - mashing the accept button?

It’s definitely a failure mode I haven’t really though about - usually actions happen quickly enough that it’s just not feasible to achieve, but whether anything actually prevents it when it needs to be prevented … hmm …

When you don’t know how to break things anymore you have to be creative :rofl:

Maybe it could cause problems for people with slow connections who think they didn’t click or it didn’t work and they click again. The first HonouredGuest, the only one who can play, is lost


There’s enough time to send a message halfway across the world!

If we aren’t already, we should probably disable the button before initiating the POST request.

… you would think eh? I can’t say I’ve ever noticed code that does that, anywhere? Shhh?!

Totally! It was an excellent test.

… one of the high risks of the incoming change is that any form (throughout OGS) that is filled out but then dismissed somehow (ESC? Cancel button?) might be submitted anyhow, if we (I :blush:) didn’t do the update properly.


I don’t think there’s many places. Supporter page is one place I know of (the “Become a Supporter” buttons disable themselves after being clicked)