Change "Ladder Challenge:" name of game for group ladders

When a game is created as a ladder challenge, its name is automatically set to:

Ladder Challenge: {challenger}(#xxx) vs {challenged}(#yyy)

If the ladder is the ladder of a group, as opposed a site-wide ladder, I think it would be helpful to include the name of the group at the beginning of the name of the game:

{group name} Ladder Challenge: {challenger}(#xxx) vs {challenged}(#yyy)


And probably drop the word “challenge” to try and save a bit of space.



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Not “group ladder”. But “{insert group name here} ladder”.

Maybe a clickable or hoverable {group icon} (that leads to the group) followed by {ladder} is a better working format. It would save space, so @teapoweredrobot would also be happy.


Schermafbeelding 2022-09-03 om 19.55.48
(yeah i know OGS has another group icon)