Poll: Add group name to ladder games?

Should we add the group name to the name of ladder games?

This has come up in the past, but I wanted to confirm there’s consensus before implementing it.

Option #1: Add group name

My proposal is to add the group name after “Ladder Challenge” (no change for site-wide ladders).

For example, here are the proposed formal names for 9x9 ladder games between “challenger” at ladder position 3 and “challenged” at ladder position 2, how they’d look for both ladders from “MyGroup” and site-wide ladders:

  • Ladder Challenge: MyGroup: challenger(#3) vs. challenged(#2)
  • Ladder Challenge: challenger(#3) vs. challenged(#2)

(I say “formal name”, because the “Ladder Challenge:” prefix is shortened to the OGS ladder symbol in game lists; if you haven’t seen that, you can look at a the game list in my profile.)

Option #2: Add ladder name

Another option is to use the ladder name instead of the group name (if any). Effectively, this adds the board size to the game names. Here’s what the formal game names would be:

  • Ladder Challenge: MyGroup 9x9: challenger(#3) vs. challenged(#2)
  • Ladder Challenge: Site 9x9 Ladder: challenger(#3) vs. challenged(#2)

IMO, this goes too far; the board size has a dedicated column in game lists, and is not worth redundantly including in the game name. But maybe others disagree. (If so, please share why!)

Option #3: Status quo

Of course we could also leave it as-is:

  • Ladder Challenge: challenger(#3) vs. challenged(#2)
  • Ladder Challenge: challenger(#3) vs. challenged(#2)

(If you prefer this option, please share why!)


  • Option #1: Add group name
  • Option #2: Add ladder name
  • Option #3: Status quo
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I voted Add ladder name, but I feel it’s a little long with challenger names.

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I guess @dexonsmith mentioned it, but here you can see how “Ladder Challenge:” apparently gets abbreviated to an icon in some places:


I hope you do indeed add the missing period as proposed! If it’s not too much, I would also suggest a space before the parentheticals, and maybe removing the parentheses completely to simplify.

Can we also flip the order so it shows as Black vs. White to match everything else? It is really confusing to see it like this:



I voted option 2, but actually I think it would be better without the repetition: “Ladder Challenge: Site 9x9 Ladder:” feels a bit long and there is no need to repeat “Ladder”.


  • “Ladder {boardsize} Challenge (Mygroup): challenger(#{}) vs. challenged(#{})” for groups
  • “Ladder {boardsize} Challenge: challenger(#{}) vs. challenged(#{})” for sitewide

We should consider using emoji to shorten automatically generated game names

Site-wide 9x9 ladder: :globe_with_meridians: 9x9 :ladder:

I think we can drop the word “challenge”

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Note that “Ladder Challenge:” is already substituted out for the ladder icon in the “active games” and “game history” lists, where it takes up valuable horizontal space (see this screenshot). Therefore, I’m skeptical that there’s value in altering this prefix at all in the formal name.


Player names in the challenge are also redundant. Of the player names part, the #position of the challenged is perhaps the only interesting detail. So we could perhaps have:

Ladder challenge: Site 9x9 #259


I voted “add the group name”, would work well with the ladder icon.

Players names can change and those are already listed in the game history and the words “ladder challenge” are bit useless waste of space if we can just use the icon too.

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