Change my Username?

Hi Go team. Would it be possible to change my username to Ninguem?

Sorry, @yes-i, that user name is already taken.

But… I have an account which shows my real name on the system. I mean the SUPER LONG name, which I (and some players) don’t surely prefer. I’ll tell you that, I registered this account by facebook, I don’t know before whether the system can change the username. And I have played a lot of games which contains lessons, experience, and friends. So, I don’t want to leave such those things behind the old account just because I can’t change the name on the system.

Consequently, please develop some feature so that I can set some name and then shows it publicly. Note again that the feature “doesn’t have people to change their username”.

Thanks in advance.

This really does seem to come up a lot for Facebook signups. Perhaps add this as part of the signup process fro Facebook users? I dunno if that’s in the pipes already.

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Please, folks, let’s keep topics separate, OK?

@yes-i – please tell us an alternative name since the name you wished for is already taken.

@PassakornTharnwanitc – I don’t know whether your comment means that you want another user name. If you want another user name, please let us know which.

And to both @PassakornTharnwanitc and @pbgarden:

Please create another thread for discussing these suggestions, preferably in the OGS Development section of this forum.

And maybe it also is a good idea to create an entry in UserVoice for this where you explain how you’d wish it to be.

I’m also mentioning our demi-gods @anoek and @matburt so they will take notice of this.

Of course it would be nice to just let everybody change their user names as they like, but we’ve had problems with abuse and therefore disabled it.

Yeah that’s a good point, users signing in with google/facebook/twitter should absolutely be able to change their usernames. I’ve added that to the todo list.


Hello, GO.

I would humbly suggest that you change my username to PassakornTharnwanitc.

Usernames are a fantasy element. Why not just number all your players? Here is player 1003 vs. Player 29+*

Why not? Because it’s fun to name your “character.” The fantasy element is fun. Go is fun.

Insight: The chat boards are your role-playing rooms as seen in Dragonrealms, a text based, multi-player role playing game from the dial/up days of the internet.

I know this is not the right board, so forgive me, O Mod,
but what about allowing more of that fantasy element into OGS?
why not create a chat board entitled “RPG” (working idea for name),
where people can role-play, as in DnD? What I’m thinking is not all rules and hexes tho. Just stories. Story and Myth is a great way to speak and hear about ourselves.

Long Shot Idea: Learn of the Dragonrealms code (ask/buy/create),
and create a small, textbased fantasy world where player characters enter,
to meet each other and play go–
(or have other adventures?) .

As far as the Name

PassakornTharnwanitc your name is great and your writing clear. Thank you, sir.

+* (these symbols represent flags and/or colors as seen in your chat room classification system).

1111 is here.

You look about the /small wooden room with two windows/:

“look room”





+: thanks for the flags
((+)): I find this more bouyant


you walk into a long house
where men and women are sitting across from each other, looking at the ground in front of them.

periodically, you see their hands move
as they place something small on the ground.





1111 just left.

true. yes, i will.

oh, ok. how bout



Hello @yes-i, [quote=“yes-i, post:10, topic:8792”]

taken :unamused:

A few more suggestions?

@yes-i You might want to try searching on the main site (top right corner) to see if a name is taken. =]

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ok i got it:


good tip thanks pb :sunglasses:

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I sprinkled some fairy dust over your account … and your wish was fulfilled:

Please remember log out of the forum also, and back in, to have the change reflected here, too.

Enjoy your games :slight_smile:

Hello, could you please change my username to: winhawk


Please remember log out of the forum also, and back in, to have the change reflected here, too.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hello there,

I would also like my username to be changed.
Changed to: Bruyere

You will find an account with that name. I just created that one with the intention to switch. I just got here anyway. But I think renaming might be the better choice. :innocent:

So, could you delete my new, untouched, account and rename this one? That would be great! :smiley:

Thanks in advance



(the other acct. can’t be deleted, but I changed its name so I could name this one like that one was, and made that other acct. inaccessible.)

Please remember to also log out of the forum and back in to have to get name changed here, too.

Enjoy your time here, viele gute Spiele :slight_smile:

Vielen Dank! :slight_smile:

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