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As I commented in the post, …

let me summarize the idea again if it’s not clear enough (or full of words and sentences).

The first option: let users to change their username directly. Since many users have registered via facebook or google etc.
The second option: usernames remain unchanged. Instead, each user have an additional name that REPRESENTS THE ACCOUNT PUBLICLY. So, usernames are no longer important on the OGS and users don’t have to change their username.
Futher options: you - admin and users - can suggest me.

I missed some point on the comment I mentioned above. The reason why I suggest this because of security policy on my real name which I (and who have registered via facebook or google) don’t prefer to show it on public. Sorry if this is troublesome for developers. Thanks in advance again.

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I would very much like to have one of these options available soon, I was ready to create a new account.

In the meantime, can admins directly change my username, for instance to “cosmoflex” ?

Done. You’ll have to log out of the forums to see the change reflected here.

Yep we’ll be adding back in the ability to change usernames at least once after registration (and probably prompt users that have usernames generated for them from logging in via one of the social buttons). We’re considering allowing it multiple times as well, but limit it a bit (such as one change a month or something) so we don’t run into the same problems we had back when we allowed folks to freely change their nicknames anytime they wanted :slight_smile:


Thank you very much !
The old name still appears in many places, the replacement is not done everywhere (like in games already played or currently played), is there a way to make the change complete or is too complicated.
Thanks again !

That’s the good idea! I missed this point.

Also good. I suggest probably once in 2 months (like facebook or something), so users must think carefully about changing their username and not changing too often.

Thanks a lot for your response again!

I think we should also block usernames that have been used once, so that nobody else takes one that was used in the past.

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That sounds like a way to have a lot of “phantom” usernames that can’t be used anymore. Perhaps enforce a “cooling off” period of sorts, where these names can’t be taken again for 6 months or a year or something? I see where you’re coming from, of users impersonating someone who has changed their name.


[quote=“pbgarden, post:8, topic:8892”]
That sounds like a way to have a lot of “phantom” usernames that can’t be used anymore. Perhaps enforce a “cooling off” period […] [/quote]

Well, I’d think that “cooling off period” should be ~50 years then :smiley:

It would be very nice if usernames would expire. I just don’t see how it would work since it would be almost the same as deleting the account. If the username would be changed from examplename to examplename25.8.2016 (date when the username expired) the account would be rendered impossible to log in. If the login system wouldn’t use the username then it would be possible to “expire” usernames without making it impossible to log in with them.
I would prefer a system where the username would expire after one year + 0.25*account age years.
So a fresh account would expire in one year but someone who has used OGS for 10 years would expire after not logging in 3,5 years.

Perhaps have it be dependent on age of the username to begin with? For instance, if you changed, we’d want a very long time to pass before someone could take it an impersonate you. However, if someone who just played a few games over the course of a month changed, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal to impersonate them.

This also brings up the idea of getting your old username back, if you wanted.

Just an example … in case the username “breakfast” would expire … would we really want somebody else to acquire this username, even if it was unused for ten years?

And if not, how would we distinguish between expired user names worthy of being sacrosanct and those who aren’t?

<scratching my head>

I think Pempu’s suggestion works for changed names. Hold it for a period of time based on how long it was in use for. And yeah, I completely support letting that name be reused after a period of time. As long as it wasn’t a mod/dev name.

er…sorry. i just want to know how’s this system going?
maybe a percentage or what have been done and what needs to be done.



I am new and I was set up automatically with this username taken directly from my Facebook account. Could you please change it to something like BerkMS?

Thank you in advance

Done. Remember to log out of the forums once to have the change reflected here.

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My username was set up automatically when I used my Google account. Can you change my name to Exfodes?


@ou.treeko done! Log out of the forums once to have the change reflected here.

wow, thanks, that was fast!

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OK. So, could you please change my name to PT06?
Thanks in advance.