Checking my scoring

Hi - Can anyone calculate my final score in this game.
It is komi 7.5 using Chinese rules (note - I am a beginner)



black score in Chinese rules is just area in geometrical sense. Surrounded empty cells +
(not dead) black stones
same for white. But after you calculate white, you also add komi to result.
color wich has more points wins.

its simple

you can use score estimator to do it instantly


Thanks for the reply - so what do you think the score is in this game?
I ask, because I calculate a different value to the estimator…

I count black 38 points and white 43 points + 7.5 komi = 50.5, so white wins by 12.5, which should match the score estimator.


Thanks for the help - yep, this works for me :slight_smile:


screenshot doesn’t look like real game. What do you compare? Score Estimator of real game and your count of this simplified position?


Draw a diagonal line. White has all 36 below the line, 6 on the line, and one above it.

Black has 35 above the line and three on the line.

The score before komi is 43 to 38, but with 7.5 komi, white has a 12.5 point lead.

What are you counting and getting with the score estimator?


I made the position up - just to test my understanding of the scoring system…

The help on the forum has been really useful (just need to play a few games - and maybe even win one…)


So did the score estimator give you the wrong answer? The AI estimator available in reviews has some mysterious behavior that I posted about before:

When you are actually playing a game, the estimator (if allowed in the game settings) is a simpler one that just counts the displayed black vs. white squares plus komi.