Chrome Notifications

I don’t understand how Chrome notifications are supposed to work, and have been confused about when they appear. When should I see notifications, and when should I not see them? It seems like I have had notifications pop up for games that were currently open, though I can’t reproduce this.

Also, it seems like clicking on the notification should take me to the game in question, but it does not.

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In this weekends patch it’ll get a little better and more intuitive.

Right now, if you have one OGS tab open, when the window and tab are focused you wont get any desektop notifications. When it’s in the background, you’ll get desktop notifications.

However, when you have two tabs open, you’ll always get desktop notifications because one of the tabs will always not have “focus”.

This is annoying, so in this weekends patch we have a fix so that if any of the OGS tabs are focused it shouldn’t send you a desktop notification, only when all tabs are in the background will you get a notification.

It sounds like it must be a headache to think of all of the cases. I will try this out after the weekend and see if I am getting more consistent results.

What about the notification linking to the game? Should that be working, or is it not implemented that way?

Indeed I’ll fix that up too :slight_smile:

On the main site I’m seeing an error with notifications. If I have a chrome browser open on my phone and make a move on my desktop, when I go back to my phone the notification seems to be stuck. If I click on it it will take me to a game where it is my move but not decrement the move count.

The only way that clear it is to do a manual refresh of the browser page.

hmm… i think i know what’s going on there, i’ll look into it

Hello. is there any updates? can browser send notifications, when your opponent make a move?

As far as I know you can. I don’t use Chrome or notifications in general, but I’m sure I have turned off quite a few different options where you can be notified when it’s your turn to move.

Searching the term notification on the settings page lead me to two options: desktop and email. Like I mentioned I have it all disabled, but I’m sure that desktop notification is what you want to enable. You also need to enable something in your browser especially if have strict browsing settings.

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yes, now I found it in settings. for some reasons it didn’t ask me about notifications by default. so I have to turn it on manually.