Clarify tournament documentation with examples

A few of us are now trying out various tournaments to actually understand what this does and how the rankings work, including the negative points in mcmahon, because it’s not great to not know why people get ranked the way they do.

Could we get actual examples and scenarios for tournaments so that there are no surprises and it’s completely clear what we’re signing up for when we go for a given option?


From McMahon Pairing at Sensei's Library

Assign starting McMahon Scores

…set the McMahon Score of the top group to 0, with all other bands starting at a negative score. So the next weaker band is -1, down to the weakest band which is -(M-1) for M bands…

Yes but on ogs the is also a second bar at some point which I don’t understand how that works in a MacMahon tourney. And anyway I don’t think the ogs MacMahon system works quite like the regular one.

I would go so far to say that, given previous discussions on here that no one really knows exactly how ogs tournaments work in detail or why.
However I understand that the whole tournament system is on the to do list for a complete overhaul but of course there are always other more urgent things and it is clearly a major job so we need to be patient.

Meanwhile, I would suggest maybe if @Trevoke, you have particular questions ask away. There are also various threads on the forums:


I am happy to ask questions if need be, however what I will do with these questions is ask enough of them to get answers that can be compiled into documentation.

My point is that after reading the documentation, there should be no doubts left on the particular topic in the user’s mind.

Since gennan decided that a link to sensei’s library was a good enough answer, that link should probably be added to the documentation in the first place, for instance.


I think the documentation is kind of wiki, that you can contribute yourself when you think it’s not well enough written or information is missing.

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Yeah but the problem is that I don’t understand the documentation topic so I can’t do it.

Sure, i hope more will contribute with their own experience. (I don’t have myself)

Someone mentioned in another topic that the tournament system will be remade soon besides.