Clock font is too small

when window is tall and narrow or on mobile devices in portrait mode:
(so board is below clock)
yesterday I noticed that font became too small, it was bigger before
name barely seen, rank barely seen
this ‘+’ before Byo Yomi melting in pixels
(1st and 3rd screenshots are from Chrome, 2nd from Opera)
someone with not perfect eyes can easily timeout with such clock
as you can see, there is a lot of unused free space, just make font bigger

zoom is not solution, board and stones become low quality


Do you happen to know how long it has been “too small”?

I can’t see any recent changes that would have caused this … is that a problem that has been here for some time, just being reported now?

(It’s helpful to know if it’s a recent change or not that caused it)

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3 days ago I think it was bigger. But, clock should be bigger anyway, bigger than before.

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Happened to me to too, somehow the text became so small its hard to read >___>

I have chrome on mac, no any recent changes or updates which could have caused this.


text there seems too small too:

Web browser update? It looks normal to me on Firefox 92.0 for Linux.

That said, while I don’t need it, at least not yet, I’d certainly not object to making it somewhat bigger; one’s time is an important thing to be able to easily see at a glance.

EDIT: Oh, I see what you mean; there’s a lot of wasted space in the title card when you shrink the window that much.

EDIT: I checked on my phone and I think it looks how it normally does, but I don’t use my phone for that much. There’s definitely wasted space there, though. (Firefox 94.1.2 for Android)


Didn’t notice (Android, Opera)


I can see that @kevincoleman is involved in some layout work on a branch … maybe he could help assess this …

(edit: FTR: I haven’t noticed a change in size Vivaldi browser on OSX)

If the clock is the only thing you need bigger, Zen mode is your friend :slight_smile: gets rid of everything else though…

For the record, I haven’t noticed a change in text size myself. (Browsers: Fennec for mobile, Naenara for desktop)

its not only my problem, some of my opponents may timeout if clock is not clear enough!

Isn’t that what the loud and conspicuous 10 second Byo-yomi timer is for?

EDIT: the countdown that shows up on your stone, accompanied by an audio count down by default.

both of which doesn’t work in analyze mode because another bug

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tried on other computer, byo-yomi font in portrait mode very small there too, it makes no sense
Why is it smaller than in landscape mode?
There is A LOT of empty space, people may timeout.


I’ve realised that the reason I have not noticed this is because I rarely if ever use a portrait layout, and of course (!) it has to be a game in progress to test it with.

Also, typically when a person clicks on the responsive layout to test a phone, they get a narrow layout:

(Or at least that’s what I get).

It looks reasonable there.

This most recent screenshot is very helpful to understand what is being reported.


Demo of 14px for the timer, and 12px for Byo-yomi

A little hard for me to get used to personally, but an improvement to readability…


The most important thing is biggest - makes sense to me


OGS clock


Compare to clocks relative to board size on lichess:


Is that on a widescreen of the same proportions as the complaint here?

Lichess on mobile.