Clock issues

I’m having some issues when playing 20sec/move games. My instead of resetting to 20 seconds, the clock resets to 26 seconds. I have flagged three times now with 6 seconds left, so it’s still only giving me 20 seconds but is showing me 26. Obviously I could just remember that I flag at 6 seconds, but it’s really inconvenient/difficult to have to remember that during a fast game. Is there any fix for this?

Thank you.

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Judging by the symptoms, I’m assuming you’re playing with the “simple” timesetting. The remedy? Don’t play with “simple” time setting, it’s broken.

Just use byo yomi.

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After a quick experiment with simple timing it looks like it is broken. You can achieve exactly the same time settings by using the Byo-Yomi option with ‘None’ for the main time and just a single 20sec period:


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Oh really? Well that’s just silly :smiley: I will notify the devs to have a look at it. In the meantime, please use Kosh’s alternative method :slight_smile:

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Was simple time fixed in the meantime? Or not yet?

It’s still broken. I don’t know if it’s partially fixed, but there are still problems.

For example the time resets each time the weekend pause ends.