Collaborative translation game / exercise

I’ve been thinking about how to make this idea workable while avoiding long, irrelevant or copyrighted texts. I thought, why don’t we write the texts ourselves?

We could write a short paragraph of a few sentences in our target language and receive comments about it from native speakers / other learners, or reversely we write a few sentences in our native language and others translate it to English, receiving comments from the native speaker (and possibly from native English speakers about the grammar of the translation).


An idea that might be relevant: write a story/essay out of (subset of) randomly chosen words.

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Or use certain number of words from each bag of related words (e.g., @bugcat 's “autumn/winter”). Or pick 3 bags out of 5, for example.

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Another idea is to write a story together, with each sentence being in a different language, or in a rotation of languages.


  1. There was a little black cat.
  2. Félis in pistrínó habávit, quia quid caldum fuit. (The cat lived in a bakery, because it was warm there.)
  3. パン屋だった親切. (The baker was a kind man.)



Kindness (person’s name?), who was a baker

パン屋だった親切 (2)
kindness (that derives from the fact) that he was a baker

baker’s kindness

The baker was kind.

The baker was a kind man.

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Since @bugcat bumped this thread, I thought it could be worth mentioning here

Apparently some very old go books

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