Communication ban, permanent?

Hi, I have communication ban for 2-3 months. I offended other player for not accepting to undo the move, because of that moderator banned me. I wonder if this ban is permanent.
I really would like to say “thank you” or “good game” after playing with opponent but they can’t see my messages. I kindly ask any moderators to cancel the ban.
I hope I will be able to write in game chat!

You should know that it is quite unlikely that anyone here will believe that you were banned for not accepting an undo request.

Of course the ban is not permanent it is a 2-3 month ban.


I think it’s the other way around; he probably asked another player for an undo, which was annoying enough for his adversary to call an admin, by whom Luka was banned.

No, as it seems I didn’t explained it clearly.
I requested undo move, he didn’t accept, I offended him (told him that he was s***h***, he reported me. moderator told me that I wasn’t right, I told moderator that I still thought that other player was s***h***. He/She banned me.
I don’t know whether ban is permanent or not!

Yes, more or less what happened.

Well, if the admin said the ban is for 2-3 months, it’s probably for 2-3 months (so not permanent).
On the other hand, I’ve heard that asking the admins for forgiveness can help in reducing the sentence, or even negating it.


The game is apparently this one:
Although I personally allow undo for misclick, no one is obligated to do so, morally or otherwise.


No one said that ban is for 2-3 months. I just said that it has been going for 2-3 months.

Yes, if I remember correctly that’s the game. I know that no one is obliged. I asked undo for obvious misclick.

I’m sorry, in that case I misunderstood your first post. Still, I think the best solution to this problem is to wait until an admin arrives, then, or send them a message directly.

Maybe if an admin sees that you have taken this time to reflect on what led to the ban & cultivate a healthy attitude toward opponents in these situations, it will work out.

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The mod note said “chatbanned for a little” so I removed the chat ban. Please be courteous.


I have just written first “gg” in game chat since other mod banned me, thanks, very much appreciated.