"Community Moderation" Trial

Hi All,

For the last few months we’ve been running a trial of “Community Moderation”.

You can read about it here .

It’s been remarkably successful at reducing moderator load, improving the rate at which reports get handled overall (and reducing the dreaded “culled report” problem). It handles “routine reports”, allowing full moderators more time to do the tricky ones.

It’s now at the point where it’s becoming routinely visible to us all - as witnessed by this recent thread . The message being discussed in this thread, and the “semi automatic system” referred to in there is this trial.

The goal is at some point to have an automatic system that can offer “community moderation” powers to users, based on their interactions here (much like “Stack Overflow”, for those nerds among us who have seen that).

We are nowhere near that yet though - we just have a few folk kindly shouldering the load of trying out the system. The question of “what will we want to see to make an automatic offer of being CM” is well in the future.

The most “visible” part of this system is the messages that users receive, which the “Community Moderators” vote for.

Those messages are available for review - they are here .

So each time someone receives one and is offended, we have the opportunity to see whether these messages meet community expectations with full transparency.

If you have feedback about them, I’d appreciate a single thread for one message under review.

Questions and suggestions about the system in general (other than message content) are welcome here.

We’re gradually adding trial volunteers manually - we do have enough right now for testing out the system without overwhelming it ( * ) .


( * ) I probably mean “without overwhelming me with input (bugs)” :slight_smile: