Completed game stuck on Home page


I joined a game and when it loaded there were two players already in a match and I was an observer. After leaving, the game is now stuck on my Home page.

I’m having the same issue as the person in this topic, but since it’s more than a few weeks old I thought it was OK to make a new one.

Thanks in advance!

What’s the game?

It’s this game.

Thank you for the prompt response. Love the site!


I have got the same problem.

The game is this one:

It shows up on my home screen and furthermore there is a “1” on the top right corner indicating I should do the next move in this game (which of course is impossible).


Fixed, refresh and see if thins are better for you now

No I still see the game on my home screen.


Okay, check now… should be gone

Happend again. :slight_smile: Here:

Can you fix this? Thanks alot.

me too :smile:
It stuck there for over a month now. I allways hoped it would go by itself, but now that I saw this thread here, I thought saying something might be a better way :smile:

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Should be fixed for both of you :slight_smile:


It is fixed! Thanks :slight_smile: