Other person's game stuck in my active games?

It seems like I’m having the same issue posted earlier here, but that thread doesn’t contain a resolution so I’m posting a new one.

I have this game stuck in my list of active games even though I never played it; I clicked accept on the open game but by the time the game window launched there were two players already playing. Since then it’s been stuck in my active games list and I can’t find a way to remove it.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Hi, i am having the same problem posted earlier here. I also never played the game and it seems to be stuck in my active games.

This game appears in my active games, although i never played it.
Thank you in advance for removing it!

Hey Guys,

Thanks for being patient… the root cause of this has been fixed in 4.2 we think, we’ll clear all of these out when that lands (which shouldn’t be too too much longer now)


No problem, thanks for the help (and all your work on OGS)!

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Hi, guys–

I just noticed that even with the upgrade to 4.2 the other person’s game is still in my list. Is there anything else I need to do to clear it?


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Sorry guys I’ll take care of this tomorrow, I just need to put a script together to find all these instances and remove them.

Hi, guys–

Noticed today that the game no longer appears in my homepage or profile (which is great, thanks!) but still appears as the black “1” in the top toolbar (next to notifications). When I click that, it still returns me to the same game. Thought you might like to know since I assume the script didn’t clear that either for anyone else affected by the bug.

Check now, I’ve cleared any bad turn notifications for you.


Thanks, it’s all gone.

Thanks again (both of you) for all your work on OGS!