Consistent, permanent game preferences?

Is there any way we can get consistent & permanent game preferences?
I play on my computer, phone & tablet at different times. Every time I get logged out of any of those I need to reset the preferences for each device after I log back in.
Is it possible to have the preferences associated with the user as opposed to the device?
Many thanks…


Comments anyone?

The thing is… what you’ve describe seems to be how it works for me. You’re talking about these right?

I just created the 25x25 setting on my phone and it showed up on my computer! I logged out and logged in again and still there too…

I would’ve assumed maybe it was more things like the submit move button or one click to move type preferences.

Or countdown and audio preferences?


As far as I know OGS “Settings” are device-local.

We not-too-long-ago got the ability to store data like this in a cross-device way, but the UI design for how to offer this for Settings specifically is a bit daunting - I don’t think anyone has “taken it on” seriously.

FWIW it would be a front-end solution.

It should be the case that Settings are already kept between sessions (IE log out and log in again) on the same device.

I just tried it now, and at least for “Master Volume” it worked for me.

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Yes; that’s what I was referring to.
It’s kind of a pain that I need to reset the submit/move button, countdown, audio, and other preferences so often. It would be ideal if those option choices stayed with my profile regardless of device.

But … you should not need to reset them ever - only once per device.

Can you describe in more detail the process that forces you to set them again?

As I said, I logged out and logged back in again on my desktop and they were preserved.

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I think I lose these settings when my iPhone, iPad or PC computer get any sort of update.

I know if the browser cache is cleared, I lose my settings… that said, I don’t know why the cache would clear on every update. @RGesh3 you don’t have any special settings on do you?

Here would be a way to clear the cache every time you close your browser:

Not sure about any special settings, but still, I do like to clear my cache every now and then. It would be simpler if I didn’t lose my OGS settings whenever I do.

Problem is, I think, that many people WANT different game settings for different devices (like submit button on mobile but double click on desktop).


I am one of these people (mostly sound off on mobile, sound on personal computer where I’m usually playing live) :sweat_smile: that’s not to say I’m against a solution that helps both types of people though


Of course; that would be ideal: Have a checkbox for “Keep these settings on all devices at all times”.


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It sounds like this is the cause of your problem: OGS settings are definitely lost when the cache is cleared.

Interestingly, we do have (in theory, technically) the ability to restore them if we detect that they are lost. Implementing this would be a front-end feature :wink:

You are now exploring the problem I alluded to:

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Maybe it would be nice if game-specific settings were accessible on the game page itself. So if you wanted to shift from double click to submit move button for example, you could do it without loading the settings page. I often have it set “wrong” on one device or another and never change it to my preference out of a deep, deep laziness


Like in a flight simulator, can we have …

  • n00b settings,
  • advanced user settings,
  • and power user settings?

… with maybe the 2nd and 3rd only being unlocked after users have explored the preceding ones? :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like one could make an extension for a lot of this stuff. Kinda like reddit has RES

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Yes, there should at least be some way to know what’s going to happen when you click that first time!

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