"correct" description "goban"

Quick question:
Would you only call goban this https://images.app.goo.gl/Wf7wVvcnvojkqtiLA
Or also this


All of those and this also:


Both ^___^

I would also call printable 9x9 template as goban, since it is ^^


Who and why??? I mean…

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Hopefully this will answer your ‘Who’ and ‘why’ and also how: Playing Cube Go (Vorlon Go) on OGS

To return to your O.P. ‘Goban’ is simply ‘Go board’ and therefor includes any grid used for playing Go from lines drawn on the beach with a stick to stunning, beautiful traditional boards that cost years of salary.


I’m not one to shame other people’s kinks, so… Go on a cube? Ok. :yum:

I bought the second one and described it to a person as goban, but then I thought it was an overstatement, because it’s not a beautiful wood board, it’s a plastic thing for kids. But if you all agree, I’ll say it counts. :hugs:


If you want to distinguish between a goban that is meant to sit on a table vs one that is meant to sit directly on the floor, I believe the common phrases are “table goban” and “floor goban”.


My goban arrived broken. :sob:

Aww man, thats so sad :<

Can you make a complaint to the seller?


It’s an Amazon.de seller… I did, but not much hope. And it’s too much fuss to do the whole return thing.

I don’t really use Amazon nowadays, but I couldn’t find one anywhere half-safe and EU, since customs are unpredictable.

Well, but IF you do, and IF you then get a new, NOT broken board, you’ll be happy (I think).

Also, if you’re in Germany (as you use Amazon.de), I strongly recommend www.go-spiele.de … both Steffi Hebsacker and Tobias Berben (the owners) are avid Go players, and they have nice stuff in their shop, often also some good deals like discounted boards w/ small blemishes.

And re: Goban see also https://senseis.xmp.net/?Goban


They ship in many countries, probably all EU.


There’s also this place that delivers in Europe.


I’m in Greece and my German is really, really bad. :yum:

I used to shop from Amazon.com years ago, then switched to co.uk when it started making sense for customs etc and this time I said I’d try Amazon.de because of Brexit (I didn’t want my order stuck in limbo or sth).

I rarely shop from Amazon anymore because I don’t like their practices, but I couldn’t find a cheap 19x19 that was not on cloth and also ship to Greece. I only found 1 or 2 Greek shops with goban and they were at least 3 times the price.

Also, it would make me really sad if I got a replacement and it was broken again (post office in not the best branch of public services and the bar is low, trust me). So, I’ll just superglue it in the middle and keep my defective new pal. :slight_smile:

Amazon just agreed to refund, so it’s not a loss, other than I’d rather have my goban. I will buy a better one when I’m ready. :woman_shrugging::wink:

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Here is the “translated” version of the shop https://www.go-spiele.de/en/

It’s not completely translated, but you should be able to navigate the site and to know what products there are.


Then there’s also Mateusz Surma’s shop in Poland: https://polgote.com/

Some items there seem to be bargains, others way too expensive, so … comparison with other vendors seems advisable. Shipping seems quite expensive also, IMO.

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I think it has the one I bought for 9€ more.