Correspondence notification - "Time left" notification differs by 4-5 hours


Heyho, I just got a notification that said “You have 7 hours left to make your move!”, but my game table shows 11.5 hours left (timezone difference maybe?). Now before I run out of time unexpectedly, I went into vacation mode.

The game in question is (probably) .

"You have no time left to make your move"

It’s been there for a while. I experienced it myself too.


I just participate in a correspondence tournament with very fast timesetting (canadian, 24h x 10 stones) and notifications were as frequent as meaningless.


The API gives the expiration delta for that game as 40965802 milliseconds, which is 11 hours 22 minutes and 45.803 seconds.

This agrees with the displayed game clock and doesn’t explain the notification.