Countdown skipping last second moves

I just played my fourth game in which I placed a stone at the last second, heard the sound and saw the stone on board and then the system suddenly removed the stone from the board and informed me I lost because of timeout. This has been consistently happening to my friends in my region using OGS also.

I have a fairly good internet connection which doesn’t have any problems with streaming 1080p streams and such. Even if this is a ping/speed problem it is unfair that people with worse internet connections should be playing with (e.g. in Blitz mode) ~9 seconds against 10. I really hope this issue is fixed because I love this server.


What region are you located in? OGS isn’t a huge money-making operation, so it’s not going to be easy for the devs to have servers located optimally for all geographic locations, but maybe there’s something wonky between the servers and your location.

I live in Turkey. Is that too far away? :smiley:

I think everyone have this bug. I played (unranked) Byo-Yomi with 1 period of 3 seconds. I won 90% games on timeout, because I can put stones instantly. But when I put them in the 2nd second or the last second I can lost sometimes on time myself. In one of games there was super bug. I seen that my opponent pressed ‘pass’ and he lost on time after that.

The only way to not win on time in ranked 3 sec/move is to have 10 Byo-Yomi periods


Thanks for the contribution. If that is the case this should definitely be looked into. Because it hurts when this happens.

Yeah it seems the sound is played at client time but the server time is different(latency). I feel like the countdown warning sound would be better if it was always one second too early. I rather lose one second of my byo-yomi than play with system where I can’t trust the sound. Nowdays I have to mentally use effort to play a stone before I get too close to zero.

btw. There was a thread about countdown warning sound.

I just lost a game as well due to this bug. On my end everything seemed fine, the stone appeared as normal and the countdown-sound stopped but the timer continued until it reached zero and I lost on time. I was recording when it happened and have uploaded a video of it here to show the problem:


Just timed out at another game when the announcer called “three”.

3 seconds left. Opponent killed my stones by d4, I seen it. I was going to lost by timeout after that. But his move disappeared and he lost.