[CURRENTLY FULL] Review/teaching game offers from AmateurMaster (Taiwanese 7d)!

I would love a teaching game as well if available:)

This is a great opportunity, thanks for making this possible!
Here is the game: https://online-go.com/game/8553588

Thank you!

btw in case it matters I would like to request Monday may 22nd, if it is not already taken. I can negotiate the other days, however.

EDIT: How do I just make this a note on my first comment?

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All offers are taken at this point! Thanks for participating.

@Ce1 - what’s your OGS username?

@Vicarios @Peregrinel @Nullian @hikaru_no_good Could you choose a date among the following list? Teaching games begin at 1 AM UTC (9 AM Taiwan time).
June 5, June 19, June 26, July 3


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@xhu98 I’m not going to throw a hissy fit or anything, but I would like some clarification. I was under the impression that this was a “first come, first serve” thing, but a few people who requested a teaching game after me got their games. Did I get the date of the may 22nd, or was I just unlucky?

@pokemonsta433 Your date shall be set on May 22 already! I was tagging the other 7 to see what time they would pick. If you saw the list of dates you’ll notice that May 22 is missing :wink:

thanks @xhu98! I started getting hopeful once I noticed that the 22nd was missing, but I wanted to confirm, because I’m super excited about this :stuck_out_tongue: Do we have to arrange specific times at this point, or will that be done later?

My OGS user name is Ce. I am going to chose May 15.

@bitlux @lvds @yesitsme @Pond_Turtle @Vicarios @bluefiero @yellow @vlin @BlackLobster @Nullian Your games will be submitted to AmateurMaster! Hopefully he’ll get back to me in a day or two :slight_smile:

@pokemonsta433 @lucthms Thank you for your review submission, although it’s a step too late (the initial offer was 10)…Don’t worry though, I’ll still submit them to see if AmateurMaster is feeling generous enough to look at them :smiley:

@pokemonsta433 @Ce1 Thanks for choosing a date! Please do show up on your respective dates at 1 AM UTC (9 AM Taiwan time) PUNCTUALLY, as a common courtesy :slight_smile: You can Google or find a timezone converter just to make sure.

@xhu98, do we still get a review even though we have a teaching game? While I certainly would never complain about free stuff, I feel like it would probably be better given to another member of the community.

That’s a good point actually, we didn’t really set up rules that one cannot get both offers, just thought it would be an open signup - that being said, we’ll see if more people want to concede their slots to the public. For now I’m just waiting for AmateurMaster to wake up :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries punctually is not an issue for me :wink:
Is AmateurMaster going to send me a challenge? or Do I need do so?.

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Good point as well! I think you should send him a challenge then, yeah? :smile:

ahh, timezones. He gets to travel back in time to 9:00pm the day before just to play against me.
This game is so important, we made a time machine
I feel special :slight_smile:


You are on the US east coast then, right? I’m in California so I’m constantly 15 hours in gote…


Yes, I’ll do it.
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

you my fine sir, are the definition of awesome

I actually happen to be Canadian. I’m in Ottawa, so not necessarily on the east coast, but I’m on the eastern side of NA.

Is 29 may still free? If it is I’d liek that time. Thank you.

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