Custom board size improvements

I have two suggestions on how to improve play on custom board sizes:

  1. Enable custom board sizes in tournaments.
  2. Add star points to 11x11, 23x23, et c.

Star points are problematic when the board is even or when the width is not equal to the height, but a possible algorithm is:

  • Only consider boards where the width is equal to the height and the width is uneven.
  • Only place a star point on tengen for boards <= 7x7.
  • Place star points on 3-3 and tengen for boards <= 11x11
  • Place star points on 4-4 and tengen for boards >= 13x13.
  • Place star points on 4-4, tengen and sides for boards >= 19x19.

I would personally love seeing tournaments that use some other than the 3 standard board sizes, and i also would like seeing Go-variants as templates and option to start tournament games from forked demo boards.

I remember someone argumenting that custom sized boards (and custom komi) should stay unranked, because it is possible to trick players into playing games that they can’t win.
Imagine ranked 2x2 and w getting komi of 3.5, not very funny for b…

Maybe we could set/expand some sort of limits for what kinda games are allowed to be ranked, or just have unranked tournaments in that case?
(i mean like broader limits than current “automatic komi, 3 possible board sizes”)


Tournament in 7x21


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