Custom OGS Online Leagues for outside organisations

Hi All,

Mostly a kind of FYI: OGS now has a “capability” to support outside organisations running an “online league” here.

It is a bit “niche” - it supports organisations that want to run the games of their tournaments at OGS, and have OGS keep track of the league-ratings of their members, but they take care of “the tournament rules” and who-plays-who.

The NAGF (which is a collaboration of AGA (American Go Association) and CGA (Canadian Go Association)) is using it to run it’s “Online League”.

They tell us who their players are, and who should play who, we provide them links a bit like the “guest invite” links that the players can use to meet and start their game - we provide the the results of the matches and resulting ranks of the players.

You can read a bit more about the details at Custom OGS Online Leagues · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub .

The “downside” of it, from the point of view of many “go organisations”, is that it does need programming on the organisation’s side to use it.

We’re working on the next obvious step: making it easy to run tournaments at OGS using “your” rules without needing to talk to an API.

But … any organisation that wants to take advantage of this first step is welcome.



Cool? No. Fantastic! Could you provide a “demo” organization with the league feature so potential players could see it “in action”?

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This is a good idea - not only so players can experience the feature, but it would also be code that organisations could take as the basis for their own system.

I’ll look seriously into this.

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Being able to set up games for other players is a really useful feature!

I suspect there are lots of people who would be interested in using something like this if it were available to everyone and not just “organizations”.

Yes, like local Go communities, discords, chat-based communities…