Dango - App for iOS & Android

Hi, everyone,

I am excited to present to you Dango, a brand new Go app developed using the public api of OGS.

Dango supports iOS and Android, as well as Mac with Apple silicon.

More features are currently under development, and I am constantly working to enhance the app.

Visit https://dangoapp.com to download Dango and give it a try!

Here are some screenshots of Dango:


How to download the app for Mac?

How is the order of games in the play screen decided? Seems different from the one on the website.

Also the time remaining for some of the games seems wrong.

Click App Store button in https://dangoapp.com with Mac (Apple Silicon)

“How is the order of games in the play screen decided?”
Currently, they are sorted according to game start time. I will optimize this later.

“time remaining for some of the games seems wrong”
Thanks for the feedback. Can you provide me with the game id or link so I can fix it?


In this game I have 2d 5h but in the app it shows I have 16h 24m

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Would be good if those pending my turn are on the top just like in the current OGS interface.

“In this game I have 2d 5h but in the app it shows I have 16h 24m”
Thank you for your information. The code has been fixed and will be submitted in tomorrow’s new version. If there are any other problems with the app later, please let me know.

“Would be good if those pending my turn are on the top just like in the current OGS interface.”
Thanks for the suggestion, I will work on it.


This looks great! I’m curious if you don’t mind sharing… what framework are you using to do cross platform? Do you recommend it for mobile projects?


Dango was developed from scratch using Flutter. I think Flutter is very efficient in developing lightweight applications, but it may be difficult for applications that require many native system functions.


Oh cool! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Flutter!

that’s what I’m looking for, thanks, it’s more convenient than the website on mobile

What has to offer compared to Sente App? I see still missing a zoom to be able to play 19x19 in mobile

Competition is good for emulation :blush:


Competition starts when somebody offers something different/better, if the offer is the same, there are no competition at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see cross platform as a plus. I can play the same app on my Macbook and Android phone.

Of course, same can be said of web, but web has limits (for example, people complain about layout because the browser’s URL bar is too big)


It also has a cool name. Does Dango mean dumpling? does Dango mean 4 stones in a square? does Dango mean dan-level Go?


Thanks for asking. Dango has only been released for a few days, and there are still a lot of things that haven’t been done well. But compared to Sente, Dango still has some unique features, such as: 1. Multiple accounts; 2. View other players’ history and active games; 3. Watch OGS current live games; 4. Friends (under development now), etc
There are still many differences, I hope you like it.


Thanks. Take in consideration a 2 step to place stones. I mean, First tap, zoom in, second tap, place stone and zoom out, this way is more feasible to play in smaller screens like phones avoiding mistakes in fat fingers

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