Decrement the Canadian byo-yomi turn counter didnt work in the weekend

In this game:

I had 3 stones left to play before the weekend. We made an exchange during the weekend, but the stone counter didnt change. Since im running out of time, i was paying extra attention.

In an other topic it was mentioned that is should decrease during the weekends:

Same thing happend with another game, which i tried to see if it could be repeated:

Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but its somewhat inconvenient at the moment :wink: for the little time left for 3 moves.

Anyway thanks for all the work, love playing on ogs!

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Still didnt work, we had one exchange during the week. last night i still had to play 2 stones, and this morning after making a move, also two stones…
the other game did work properly.

It is still like this in my games. That’s very unfortunate when you mostly play during the weekends.