Vacation / Pause on Weekends

Where can I find information on exactly how this works? Do you have to manually set vacation? Some sites I was on if you were going to timeout it automatically took a vacation day instead. What happens if you make moves while on vacation, do you still get Fischer bonuses etc?

When do weekends start/stop?

How fast does vacation acrue? What’s the max? etc?

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It’s burried in all that documentation we don’t have.

You have to manually set vacation, it’s at the top of your settings page. We don’t auto-vacation people on timeouts.

You can still make moves on vacation, and it will add time in the case of Fischer time, as well as decrement the Canadian byo-yomi turn counter appropriately.

Weekends begin on Saturday at 00:00:00 UTC and end on Sunday 23:59:59 UTC (plus or minus a few seconds for processing ;))

Vacation accrues at 1/8th speed (so, every 8 days you get one day of vacation) and is capped out at 30 days. New players begin with 20 days available.

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Is there a minimum time control for vacation?

Due to the fact that the max time for most games has been reduced quite a bit, I propose that vacation be turned on automatically if you would timeout in a game. When you are about to timeout, turn on vacation 1 full day. I would hate to timeout all my games just because I missed ~3 days!

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Yep only correspondence games are affected, so as a hard rule this is any game with an estimated average move time longer than one hour.

The game that didn’t pause on setting vacation was Fischer with a 3 hour increment.

I paused it manually.

Hmm, sure looks like it should have, I’ll look into it, sorry about that :frowning:

No worries.

Pause worked and it was a just in case anyway.

As always, thanks for your efforts making the space available.

In case anyone comes to this looking for it later:

On your phone, it’s still under the Settings menu, but you need to change the first drop-down menu from General Preferences to Vacation to set yourself to “on vacation”.

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Also, it’s now possible to see the server time and also time until weekend start / end at Play Go at! | OGS