Delete my account?

Once you’ve played games we can’t delete your account in order to preserve history for other players. If you want you can change your password to something and then lose it.

ok, thanks!

Yes . On KGS, we can say that deleting a account is “possible”.
Very simple :
I can create a new account. And, bye the way, all the old games are deleted. ^^ (On KGS i am use to create a new account every year )

Thank you for OGS ! Its a very nice place, with a very nice design…
but… very often, OGS make big mistakes when it calculate points for game with SEKI : OGS says that i loosed a game and its wrong.
On KGS, i am 7K or 6 K and on OGS i am 11 K.
I would like to create a new account on OGS because, i want to delete this games with wrong results… Thanks for your help ! : (and sorry for my english, i am french)
NB;On OGS, create a new account is not possible for me.
The response is that" i have too much accounts" And I cannot find the old account, because i didn’t remember their names. So, i dont know what to do…

All old games can be found on KGS archives. The games are not deleted after they are invisible in a players profile.

can you plese delete my account.

I’m not interested in playing here anymore.

it was bad with no open phone app, now with adds is even worse.

good luck with the business

As I said in a previous message, we don’t delete accounts. You could always change your password and then forget it.

Other than that I guess the only thing I can say is ¯\(ツ)

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This is silly that you can not delete your own account!
I am frustrated with OGS advertising and the side makes me mad too.
For history reason is a poor argument.

Other than that I guess the only thing I can say is 凸(^_^)凸

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Some sites allow account deletion, some don’t (DGS, for example). Some even delete accounts when nobody asks them to. :slight_smile: But records of rated games are are usually kept anyway.

But why whould you want to delete it? If you are mad, it’s much better to write in your profile why you are mad and describe in great detail just how wrong the site is and why nobody should ever play on it. All in nice bold capital letters. Then lock the account with a nice random password, some 20 symbols long, so noone can login into it accidentaly. So it will be sitting there forever, as a warning for future generations, and your nickname is guaranteed not to be reused eventually by some OGS fan (something that easily can happen when accounts ARE deleted - ask IGS users about that).


As @matburt has already explained, it is technically impossible to remove an account due to the attached game records, which cannot reasonably be taken away from the opponents’ profiles.

It is also a nonsensical function, because the user can simply erase all information associated with the account, including the account name itself, leaving nothing but an abstract shell with a user id.

That being said, maybe this is a case in which some users will feel better if they just have “something there” that they can click, with a nice message that says “your account is no longer”, which they can print out and stick in a photo frame.

You could accurately name this function “Close Account”.

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Or “Perma-lock Account”?

I think deleting the accounts is a clean way to end things but it’s not critical in moving on.

I used to play HoN but then switched to LoL shortly after, didn’t bother me that my account couldn’t be deleted.

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KGS apparently deletes accounts that are unused for more than six months. I say “apparently” because I once went that long and lost my account. Fortunately, no one took my user name and I was able to get a new account with the same user name as before, but all my old games were gone.

But I agree that I can’t understand why anyone would want to delete their account.

I guess by "delete my account " people are actually asking to have all their personal information permanently removed from the system. This means delete users email, real name, links to Twitter, FB and similar crap they got and everything else not directly required for opponents rank calculations. I am absolutely sure there is no need to keep this game data for more than 6 months (maybe even less) for rank calculations. This is probably why KGS can delete you, after 6 months, completely from the system (this is actually good for many reasons) because your old games are not needed for the system to operate.

Only reason why any server owner wants to keep your personal information after you wish leave is to sell it to spammers. Money for nothing.

Use throw away email account, never link to your personal email or fb, twitter etc.
Your data will be sold or stolen. It’s not a question of “if” but “when” this happens.

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RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! OGS will enslave us all. They will sell all our emails and make BILIONS of dollars!!! Because nobody else knows your e-mail!!! Also they silently take pictures of you thinking about your moves and will use these emberassing pictures to blackmail you. It’s not a question of why, it’s question of if. Or where. Or which way.

Seriously though :smiley: I have nothing against online security (I am quite possibly more paranoid than any of you), but these doomsday terror cries are just laughable :-D. By using internet you just have to accept that some of your “privacy” is not private. And you won’t be safer by using disposable e-mail on sites like OGS, it’s just retarded. You have to understand that people who understand computers can get your personal data you used on the computer. But most of all you have to undersand that nobody cares about you or me :-D. We are not important. There are like billion users on the internet. Nobody wants your crappy e-mail.
And those who do already have it anyway.

Even if you have the option to delete whatever from here, that does not make it any safer. You entered it once, it can be stored if OGS wanted. It’s just a matter of being it visible to you :smiley: You can change it to nonsense if you want to feel like a hacker. Won’t make you more safe anyhow though :-D.


Where do you see dooms day? Maybe you are too paranoid indeed. Perhaps it’s good time for you to seek professional help.

Study here:
It’s quite a common figure of speech :wink:


Yes, I understand why some might want to hide private data. But can’t they do that just as easily by erasing any sensitive data from their profile? Or am I missing something?

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