Signed in from Facebook, can I change my username?

Hi there,

I signed up for this site using Facebook and I noticed that it chose a username for me (my first and last name). I was wondering if I could get my username changed to a custom username instead of the automatically chosen name?

It looks like I’m not able to change my name from my own control panel. The username I’d like is “zshall” if possible. Thanks!

Hey, your username has been changed to “zshall”. Welcome to OGS!



I have the same problem. Would it be possible to change my user name to “so:ren”?

Thank you!

Thanks so much!

Sure, but I can’t seem to find “SorenWader” on the user list. What’s your current username?

Hey, hijacking this thread, could my username get changed to “SebRut”. My ingamename atm is “sebastian.rutofski”

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My current user name is: “SörenWader”

SorenWader your username has been changed to “so:ren”, and sebastian.rutofski it seems @trohde changed your username to “SebRut” for you. Enjoy!

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Moin: Dein Benutzername ist jetzt »SebRut« :slight_smile:

LOL @Fairgo :joy: apparently we checked at the same time.

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I hope it’s ok that I too hijack this thread, could you please change my user name to “bardun”.

Thank you for this wonderful site by the way!

Sure, what’s your username?

I would also like to change my username to “TypeBK”, if possible. My current username is “VõThịnh”. Thank you so much for your work! :smile:

You got it.


Thank you! That was fast :smile:

My current user name is "", I would like it to be “bardun”. Thanks!


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Hello! Same issue with the opening post. Current user name is AlexanderSuryaJaya, request name change to a:jaya if possible!

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Could I have mine changed to Sootster

Thank you!

I changed your username to “a:jaya”. Enjoy!

Your username has been changed to “Sootster”. Enjoy!