Signed in from Facebook, can I change my username?

Hi, can you change my user to “[Gofio]Charly”. Thank you

Your username has been changed to “[Gofio]Charly”. Enjoy!

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Much obliged~ :smiley:

I have the same problem :slight_smile: Signed in from facebook. Could I change my username to: Gojo ?

Sorry, Gojo is already taken by someone else, you’ll need to find another name.

Hi, would I be able to change my name to StrykeBack? Thanks!

In the same boat here, would I be able to get my username changed from MasonPomeroy to: “FaxTechnician”?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

@xxcradx done and @MasonPomeroy done.

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Could i also have my username changed? I dont like using my real name and always go as “Zippownz” as a pseudonym; would be awesome if u could change it

PS: a function to change your own name without having to wait for someone to do it would be awesome

@FabianCollaoRojas We had that option it was removed for being abused by other users

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What’s your current username? I can’t find you.

FabiánCollaoRojas (notice the ´ above the 2nd a)

Ok, it’s done.

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much appreciated :smiley:

oops, should’ve assumed. How about hereweGO. (which is NOT taken atm!) Thanks for bearing with me :slight_smile:


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Same issue, can i have my username changed to EnriqueGA
Thank you in advance!

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Your wish has been fulfilled.

Please remember to log out of the forum and back in to have the change reflected here as as well.

Thank you a lot!

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Thanks! :slight_smile: