Signed in from Facebook, can I change my username?

My username was autofilled by accident

Can it be changed to aweavers?

Enjoy your new username

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Could I have my username changed to “Dodecaplex” please?

Thanks in advance!

:sparkles: Thy wish has been fulfilled :sparkles:


Could I have my username changed to “darksonn”. Currently it is kristofferryhl.


Same problem here! My current username is DuaneMathes, but I’d like it to be sandworm.

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Looks like there already might be a sandworm, and it might be me from ages ago! Since I don’t seem to remember the password, if it is indeed me, we could go with heteroerectus.

I’m sorry, I can’t do that.

There already exists a user with this nickname … and changing your name to it would be BLACK magic, and we have sworn not to go there … :wink:

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How about heteroerectus?

OK, that one’s free, but before I do that I’d like to know your “real” rank because this here looks like you’re heliumbagging:



I think my real rank is somewhere around 9kyu. When I set up the account, it simply asked if I had played a lot of games, and I said yes. It then set me as 6D.

Edit: I expected that would quickly equalize as I started playing games…

OK, done :slight_smile: (and adjusted your rank to 9k)

And about this:

I expected that would quickly equalize as I started playing games…[/quote]
Well, it would happen but probably take more than the usual 5 games before the rank stabilizes, so I think it’s better to keep close to properly estimated ranks in order to not skew our rank system.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help trohde, I appreciate it!

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I have an old account with username vkrakovna, and I accidentally created a new account with this username when logging in from Facebook. Would it be possible to merge them?

Hi there, could I have my username changed to


Coming from IGS under the same name. OGS looks like a really cool place! Thank you :smile:

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Hello @vkrakovnacf74ee0c19e,

I am not aware that we can merge accounts … maybe @anoek or @matburt can tell us better?


thy wish has been fulfilled.
Please log out of the forum and log back in to have the change of your username reflected in the forum.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi there, could I have my username changed to
Thanks in advance!

mark5000’s Name Changes. Thanks for your business.

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Please change my name to “bogdan” or if taken “bogdan.g”. Thanks.