Deleting a group?

I made a group today because I wanted to make the ladder a handicap ladder. That doesn’t seem to be possible (is it?). I also couldn’t see how to eliminate the group. Is that possible?

This is not currently possible, it’s on the list of things to take care of though, sorry for the inconvenience!

Are both things impossible but on the list? Handicap ladder and eliminating group?

Just eliminating groups - handicap ladders kind of defeat the purpose of a ladder, so I don’t know useful they’d actually be. (If someone wins on a handicap, it doesn’t say that they are a better player than their opponent, it simply made for a more interesting game).

What’s the purpose of a handicap tournament, then?

I would like a handicap ladder because I think it would yield more games that are interesting/challenging to both opponents. If a person is under-rated, she’d wind up at the top of the ladder. Then the lower rungs could help her fix her ranking. Doesn’t that sound like fun? :wink:

A valid counter point :smile: it’s true that handicap tournaments don’t really make sense either for anything serious.

It might very well yield more interesting games, though as for rank correction if a player got to the top because they are sandbagging, that wont really change their ability to maintain their position (presuming they will continue sandbagging). The other thing is if a user gets to the top by sandbagging, they can pretty easily stay at the top by changing their rank so anyone who challenges them suffers a max handicap penalty, which might be an annoying abuse of the system.

I’ll chat about it more with the other developer, it might be worth an experiment and see how folks like it :slight_smile:

Yeah, a person actively resetting rank to stay at the top of the ladder would be annoying! At least we could talk smack about him/her in the forums (attempt peer pressure, that is).