Handicap ranked ladder?

I was wondering if people have ever experimented with handicap ladder systems, and whether they might be considered being implemented, if there was much interest etc?

I did see some requests on forums, Deleting a group? and Free ladders in private groups.

I guess the natural things is for people to want a specific ladder type for their group, either an unranked ladder, or a ranked ladder with proper handicap (eg the Handicap games group https://online-go.com/group/246).

There was an argument that you could sandbag to gain more stones in handicap and work you’re way up that way by

If there is going to be an api update to groups as in Kgs style “rooms” in groups I wonder if capabilities like these might be on the list.

I guess the natural place for a handicap ladder would be in a group, although it would be interesting to see an OGS site handicap ladder. I kind of wonder after reading some other posts, whether for instance the existence of a 13x13 ladder and visibility of a 13x13 ranking on the profile makes people more likely to play it, and whether a handicap ladder might make handicap games more popular. Although with 13x13 I can’t tell which came first, lots of people playing it, the ladder or the visible ranking. Why not 11x11 or 15x15 :slight_smile:


I’d love an option for group admins to set the group ladders as unranked. Then the TMG ladder would actually be useful for something.


I would also be interested in the option of making a handicap ladder in my groups.

The purpose of handicap is to even out the ranks. If the ladders had handicap then the #1 might be 25k who challenged 5d’s and got a big handicap. Maybe the group admin could set the group ladder for handicaps.


How about a handicap ladder and nonhandicap ladder for both site and group ladders

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