Did OGS end support for browsers on WinXP?

For part of my day, I am stuck on a WinXP machine (yes, I know it’s old and out of date! I know! but it’s not up to me)

I’ve been playing on OGS via a Chrome browser for a long time now and have never had a problem. Today, when I try to view the page, I just get a blank white screen. No error message or anything, just a blank white screen.

I tried it in I.E. and Firefox - same thing.

Did I miss a memo? Did some OGS legacy features just sunset?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

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I just realized this might be the same issue as the user in this post:

Not sure if it’s related, but I read today that ICANN is resetting it keys (either today and tomorrow or over the weekend, I’m not sure which) and that some ill-prepared service providers might temporarily lose connection to the net. Perhaps this happened briefly to the OGS provider (presumably your provider was okay). Just a thought due to the coincidence.

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Interesting, not on purpose.

Can you open up the javascript console and see if there are any errors being reported there?

Ok you want to hear something REALLY strange?

I just opened up OGS to try and do that java console thing you suggested and the site LOADED JUST FINE. Like there had never been any problems at all!

I made no changes to my browser between then and now, and I can’t replicate the error, so it will have to remain a mystery.

Hooray! I can play online again!

OK, now this is strange - I just tried to open it again, and this time it FAILED to load. The error is back so I am going to try the java console thing you mentioned. Back in a sec


Here’s a copy/paste of the console:

raven.js:58no native wasm support detected
raven.js:58Assertion failed: no binaryen method succeeded.
raven.js:58Assertion failed: no binaryen method succeeded.
OGSScoreEstimator-0.6.1.js:8 Uncaught abort(“Assertion failed: no binaryen method succeeded.”). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.
https://sentry.io/api/250615/store/?sentry_version=7&sentry_client=raven-js%2F3.23.3&sentry_key=91e6858af48a40e7954e5b7548aa2e08 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 (TOO MANY REQUESTS)


I’m wondering if it was changes to the score estimator that are causing some corner-case of users not being able to load the site?

Just one final note - of course everything worked fine on my Win7 machine running the latest Chrome at home

so… yeah, I guess I’m in some super weird corner case

I think the important lesson here is really that nobody anywhere ever should be using WinXP to connect to the internet.

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I have same thing using windows xp…

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Unfortunately, it’s a (cough) workmachine (cough) so I do what I can with what I got

still works on mobile regardless so…


OK you guys should be all fixed up :slight_smile:


@anoek don’t be an enabler :joy:


Thank you so much I’ll let you know if it works on Monday

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Just wanted to let you know that I just tried it on my WinXP machine, and everything works great.

thank you SO MUCH for your prompt follow up on this - cheers!


Chrome and Firefox are no longer supported on XP. That may not be the cause of the failure to open OGS but security could be compromised. Opera works well on my XP machine and it’s still supported. Comodo firewall is effective and free, where I expect the XP one is outdated and vulnerable :grin:

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